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High Speed Boat Trip to see the Bass Rock and Craigleith.  These trips depart daily (Easter to October) from North Berwick Harbour and are run in partnership with the Scottish Seabird Centre 

The most exhilerating way to see the wonders of the Bass Rock, these boats carry 12 passengers, cruise along at 25 knots and are the quickest way to get you out to see the magificent seabirds.  All passengers are supplied with a full set of waterproofs and a lifejacket for these trips.

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After leaving North Berwick Harbour, the Rib quickly takes you out to Craigleith Island, where we spend time slowly going around the island so you can get great views of the Puffins, Guillemots,Razorbills Kittiwakes, Cormorants and Shags who all nest on the island. Seals are also frequently spotted sleeping on the rocks around Craigleith.  Or expert guide provides live commentary of what you can see and tell you some facinating history of the islands you can see from here.

Craigleith Island is home to the 'SOS Puffin' project which is aiming to remove 'Tree Mallow' from the Island to improve the habitat for the Puffins. Tree Mallow is an invasive plant that grows into dense bushes 8-10ft tall, which makes landing on the island and digging burrows more difficult for the Puffins. The number of nesting puffins on the island plunged from over 28,000 pairs in 1999 to just 5,000 pairs in 2007 as the mallow became more established on the island.  Since the start of the project the numbers of Puffins nesting there has been steadily increasing by around 7% every year.

After leaving Craigleith Island, the Rib gets back up to it's cruising speed of 25 knots and you arrive at the Bass Rock just over 5 minutes later.  The Bass Rock is the largest single rock Gannetry in the world, with approx 150,000 Gannets on the rock during the nesting season it is a very special sight.  It has been described by Sir David Attenborough as "One of the wildlife wonders of the world".  The boat can get very close to the Gannets where you can observe their natural behaviour and our expert guide will explain the typical behaviour that you can see.  We go around the Rock very slowly so you can observe the great birds, see into the huge cave that runs right through the Rock and imagine what life would have been like if you ended up as one of the people imprisoned on Bass Rock in the past.

After leaving the Bass Rock, the boat heads over towards the shore so you can get a unique view of Tantallon Castle perched atop the huge sea cliffs.  Hear the stories of all the 'Wreckers" who tricked passing ships into running aground on the dangerous rocks around St Baldreds Beacon. The boat then heads back along the coast past the top secret WW2 wartime base at Gin Head, past the pretty sandy cove of Canty Bay which was the original port that served the Bass Rock in the past before we get you back safely ashore again in North Berwick Harbour.

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